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July 25, 2011
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When we first met,
I fell in love with your scent,
But we fought like married couples,
And made up like them too,
Yet my heart was somewhere else.

As we grew closer,
No matter where we were,
I kept you in my arms,
To protect you from others,
Yet my heart was somewhere else.

We came across perversion,
Slayers and little ones too,
Romance was blossoming,
Between us and others too,
Yet my heart was somewhere else.

We became jealous of one another,
Of wolves and long dead love,
Emotional we became,
For you chose to stand by me,
Yet my heart was somewhere else.

We fought alongside one another,
Against each other too,
But our love for each other grew stronger,
Even with all the things I did,
Yet my heart was somewhere else.

We grew towards one another,
When tragedy chose to lash out,
Wolves and ghosts of love,
Chose to leave all too soon,
Yet my heart was somewhere else.

We destroyed our shared enemy,
It should have been a blissful moment,
But fate chose to intervene,
And seperated us for a time,
Yet my heart was somewhere else.

When we were reunited,
After a fateful choice of time,
We embraced one another,
Not caring for the joyful tears,
And my heart belonged to you.

I got bored at school... So I decided to try my hand at one of the only two subjects that I ever failed... LITERATURE!!!

Anyway, random blank verse poem. If your wondering about the name at the bottom, well, I wrote it from InuYasha's point of view... So naturally his name would be at the bottom.:D
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Thanks! I normally suck at poetry....

Looks like boredom really does help sometimes! :D
Inuyashaluvs99 Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
awwww so sweet! <3
I know Inuyasha has a tender spot somewhere the only thing we need to find is where it is
He has a tender spot for both Kagome and Kikyo... Throughout the series, he always cares for both of them.:D
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